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Thank you for your interest in our hobby!

Below is a form that will help us, Crown Forces North America 1812, find the 'best fit' for you within the reenactment community.

The data you put on the form below will ONLY be used by staff and members STRICTLY for the process of helping you find a group or organisation that is recruiting living historians interested in the War of 1812 era.  Your data will not be used by, it's webmasters, and members for any other purposes though please note, we will be sharing, with your permission below, this information with third-party individuals and groups BUT only those that are involved with or are managing a War of 1812 reenactment group or organisation.  (We - Crown Forces North America 1812 - do not "sell" your information or use it for commercial purposes.) This said, once the data leaves our servers, we cannot be held responsible for its use.

ALSO... There are questions on the form dealing with your physical health... this is because some areas of reenacting do require certain levels of physical fitness and we want to ensure you find a group that can work with and for you.  As with any questions like this, and as this site and its administration are located in Canada, you do not have to share that information on this form and options are available to opt out of answering those questions as per Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as articles within the Canadian Human Rights Act.  If you choose not to share, it will be up to the organisations who contact you to get the information they may need to ensure your placement within them is correct and will be in compliance with any liabilities or levels they require members to meet.


ONCE THE FORM IS SUBMITTED you should hear back from at least one group/organiser within FIVE business days (Autumn, Winter, and Spring months,) or SEVEN business days during the Summer months.  We will try to contact as many groups that fit your request that are as close to your location as possible, so you MAY hear from more than one group. (We may contact US Forces, Crown Forces, and others if there's a group near to you as well that can be of assistance.)  If you have not had a response within those times, PLEASE contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.